Monday, 2 February 2015

When did your waters break in pregnancy? did you know what to do?

How many mums waters broke before 24 weeks of pregnancy?

How many mums waters broke before 37 weeks of pregnancy?

Did you know what to do ? 

Were you told the correct medical wording of your condition? 

We are asking the question above as we were not told that the medical wording was PPROM 

and we did not receive the knowledge on what to do and what to expect 
we are campaigning for change 

We have less than 2 months to gain 100th signatures

Our friends in USA

We now raise awareness on this condition in pregnancy

We are also raising funds for various charities, one being UCLH stem membrane patch project, in some cases where a pregnant women's waters are break, they have found a patch which could amend this, we are short of 26k to fund the rest of this project. 

You can donate by texting £3 To PROM49 to 70070 via justgiving or visit our webpage for how to donate via our giving page. 

We are also looking for funding to produce education materials, literature and to keep our webpage going, we are currently using pay pal, at moment sadly not raising enough funds 

anyone interested in being part of our team do let us know by email 

#Pprom #miracles #baby loss #pregnancy 

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